Thoughts and observations

During these difficult times I’m very lucky to be living in Cornwall and just a short walk from a wooded area surrounded by sea. My daily walks never fail to lift my mood, and each time I notice something new that resonates with me afterwards, whether it be an unfamiliar birdsong, the plants signalling the change of the seasons or a new pastel shade in the fading light. You can read my thoughts and observations, which may make up the large majority of my blog posts, below.

Fear of fallen trees

I’ve written about my fear of fallen trees before, but that was several years ago and on a different blog. Why am I afraid? What is it about the tree being in this state that triggers this fear? If I’m not afraid of standing trees, why be afraid of ones lying on the ground? I […]

North coast discoveries: Chapel Porth to St Agnes

The skeleton of an engine house was silhouetted against the sky, beyond that a pimple of bare, exposed earth poked through the green. Trees cast dappled shadows across the path ahead, our sweaty bodies welcoming the shade after the roasting sun. It felt exciting to be discovering a new, hidden part of this area I thought I knew so well.

Nature and wellbeing: sweet bedfellows

The link between the natural world and our mental and physical wellbeing is no new thing. People have known for centuries of the benefits a relationship with nature can bring, but every now and then many of us need to remind ourselves just how important this connection is. I have struggled with my mental health […]

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