Thoughts and observations

During these difficult times I’m very lucky to be living in Cornwall and just a short walk from a wooded area surrounded by sea. My daily walks never fail to lift my mood, and each time I notice something new that resonates with me afterwards, whether it be an unfamiliar birdsong, the plants signalling the change of the seasons or a new pastel shade in the fading light. You can read my thoughts and observations, which may make up the large majority of my blog posts, below.


I haven’t been in the sea all week. These damn easterlies have shown no let-up, and yesterday’s swell made my stomach turn just to look at it. No clean sets, just a roiling mass of white water hurling seaspray at anyone who dared get near. The wind chill factor hurt. This must be the first […]

Fear of fallen trees

I’ve written about my fear of fallen trees before, but that was several years ago and on a different blog. Why am I afraid? What is it about the tree being in this state that triggers this fear? If I’m not afraid of standing trees, why be afraid of ones lying on the ground? I […]

North coast discoveries: Chapel Porth to St Agnes

The skeleton of an engine house was silhouetted against the sky, beyond that a pimple of bare, exposed earth poked through the green. Trees cast dappled shadows across the path ahead, our sweaty bodies welcoming the shade after the roasting sun.

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