Art and crafts

Though I normally take to my notebook and words to respond creatively to nature, sometimes I feel like drawing, sewing or making something. Click on the headings below to see my nature-inspired sketches, puppets and textile art:

Sketching ‘in the field’

I’ve recently started taking a little sketchbook and a few pens out and about with me on my walks. Then when the feeling takes me, I perch somewhere and just draw. It’s quick, rough and most definitely not perfect, but it’s also invaluable experience.

Coloured pencil crab claw

On one of my beach walks early on in the lockdown I came across this beautiful crab claw, its owner long gone. Sketching with a graphite stick is my preferred medium but I felt the beautiful rich colours of the claw were too important, so I gave coloured pencils a go.

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